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New Buffalo Riverfront Park


Currently New Buffalo Riverfront Park contains 4 sculptures.

Dale Rogers
“Away" Stainless Steel, 93"h x 43"w x 23"d

Dale began his full time welding career in 2002. His interest in metal and welding started years before that when he taught myself to repair metal equipment on his family's farm. During those years, art was always something he loved, but didn't think it would support a family and having it make sense economically didn't seem feasible.

To that end, he walked a fine line of balancing creative impulses with the economic realities of marketing, selling, and transporting large heavy metal sculptures.

Working with stainless steel and Cor-ten steel and welding these metals offers the flexibility to design creative, high quality and textural pieces that will last for many years to come.

The work includes sculptures for home and garden and are on display at fine art galleries private and corporate collections as well as many public spaces.

His work is a blending graceful, organic style with contemporary flair it is described as sophisticated, thought-provoking and sometimes humorous.

Jason Quigno
"The 7 Grandfather Teachings" Indiana Limestone

Anishinaabe Artist Jason Quigno was born in 1975 in Alma MI. Working in all types of stone and and always evolving pushing the limits of the stone and of himself Jason strives for simplicity, movement, balance and beauty in each sculpture.

Jason Quigno can take a heavy block of hard, rigid stone and turn it into a seemingly weightless series of flowing forms, curling and interlocking with a distinct sense of movement. While he polishes the surface of certain pieces to a smooth, shiny finish, at times he chooses to expose the stone's raw texture, or to meticulously etch one side, highlighting the apparent flow of something as unyielding as stone.

John Suave
"Faust", Painted Steel

John Sauvé is an American artist and arts educator. His medium is sculpture and printmaking and has achieved national and international recognition. He was awarded a grant from the Marc Ecco Foundation for his work Man in the City, the first public sculpture exhibit installed on the Highline in New York City. John Sauvé studied art history at Michigan State University. After finishing his studies, he spent a year traveling through Europe continuing his education in art history. He then returned to Detroit to work for the Michigan Commission on Art in Public Places where he oversaw the installation of public art for the Percent for the Art Program. He concluded his studies with a degree in Arts Administration at Michigan State University.

John Sauvé references philosophy, literature and history by approaching the human figure with an idealized representation. Borrowing from Heidegger's concept of "Dasein", Jung's interest in the shadow and the Faustian Legend, Sauvé's sculpture is as much about the figure as the shadow it cast. This relationship highlights his interest in the question of being and the covenant the individual will make to exist. Sauvé challenges the viewer by presenting the figure in public spaces utilizing the environment as a way to question what it means to existence and relationship between the individual and the collective.

In 2008 the American Institute of Landscape Architects recognized Sauvé's Design of the Green Oak Village Place Sculpture Park with the Merit Award. He was awarded the Ferndale DDA Community Service Award, City of Birmingham Proclamation, the HMI Award of Excellence, the City of Brighton Visual Art Award, Nominated for the Governors Award for Arts Advocacy State of Michigan, City of Royal Oak Resolution of Recognition, Michigan Municipal League Community Excellence Award, Boys and Girls Club Honor Roll.

Michelle Zorich
"One Olive or Two", Painted Steel

Michelle Zorich, Chicago born and raised came to Michigan for love and stayed for her passion….metal art. Michelle is a co-owner of Things of Steel, and has been fearlessly welding, grinding, and cutting incredible steel things for 14 years. 

Zorich who holds a BFA in interior design, welded her way to creating a new career. And in 1997 Things of Steel was born. 

She creates awesome furniture, sculptures, accessories and signs for residential and commercial settings. Custom designs are produced for traditional, contemporary, and whimsical people.


Name The 7 grandfather teachings
Artist Jason Quigno
Material Indiana Limestone
Created 2015

Name Faust
Artist John Suave
Material Painted Steel
Size 8'
Created 2013

Name Away
Material Stainless Steel
Size 93"h x 43"w x 23"d
Created 2010

Name One Olive or Two
Artist Michelle Zorich
Material Painted Steel
Size 72"h x 26"w x 4"d
Created 2015